Prachtig offers finishing elements and systems made of stainless steel and brass

Our catalogue includes everything needed for the professional tiling, stoneware tiling and tiling of other floor coatings. These are inside and outside corners, end and outside profiles, anti vandal corners, border profiles as well as U-shaped embedment.

We present single- and multilevel thresholds for junction protection. In case there is a need to install the cable we present a special threshold with the cable canal, which will find a buyer among construction companies and owners of business centers.

It is usually needed to protect the corners and surfaces from attrition and deformation in the public establishments. We present inside and outside corners for such cases as well as the corners of increased reliability.

We present plinths to cover junctions between wall/floor surfaces: L-shaped plinths; plinths with catch fasteners, with cable-canal, with added material (laminated flooring board, fitted carpet, linoleum part is fixed into plinth).

Having cooperated with the designers we have developed different elements for the interior design: T-shaped profiles, U-shaped embedment, borders for the tiles and also a decorative strip.

Especially for professionals who understand the construction, care about the safety of buildings and structures, look for new solutions, we have developed special profiles for movement joints; drain grids; downpour drainage systems.

All Prachtig's products have a special individual EAN code (EAN13, ITF14).


The company “Delovie linii” delivers the Prachtig’s products in Russia in accordance with the signed specifications and a contact with obligatory full value insurance of the cargo. Retail deliveries are done only by our official dealers.

Our international transport contractor is the company MezhtransAvto delivers products outside Russia in accordance with signed specifications, contract and INCOMERMS 2011. Dealer agreements, warehouse program are to be negotiated separately.